My New Book

I worked at the preschool yesterday, kid-talk will come later.  One of the little girls wanted to make books, so she and I sat at a table with paper and markers.  Her book was about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  She colored pictures and then narrated the story for me to write it down for her.  Here is my book:

mee-book-page-1-2 mee-book-page-2-2 mee-book-page-3-2 mee-book-page-4-2 mee-book-page-5-2 mee-book-page-6-2 mee-book-page-7-2

9 thoughts on “My New Book”

  1. I kinda like that title. Perhaps some day I may want to write such a book. But what if we don’t go to three? Wee might stay Wee or Wee might go more.

  2. You could have a “Wee” series and one of the books could be “Adventures with The Gs” (of course that could be a series all by itself) 🙂

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